Register Online (One-Time)

Through the login page, for all new applicants, you will need to do a one-time self-registration while registered users will just need to login as previous created account.

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Apply for a PTW Permit

After logging in, you will see your dashboard with all the applied PTWs previously where you will be able to check individual applications' status or you can apply for a new PTW.

Do note that all PTW applications should be submitted three(03) working days before the actual work. Applicant is to ensure necessary supporting documents are submitted to reduce the delay in approval of the application.

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Approvers will evaluate application

After submitting the PTW, an application serial number will be generated. The application will automatically be routed to the relevant department(s) for review and approval. 

For Fit-Out or Reinstatement Works, applicants will be prompted to key in cheque details. (Work-In-Progress: Online payment gateway will be available subsequently to allow applicants to do secured online transactions).

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Application Outcome

After reviewing by the approver, he/she will approve, not approve or query the application. An automated email notification will be sent to your mail on the application status. Likewise, you may also check your application status by logging into your online account.